Monday, September 20, 2010

Downtown Florence Walk and Scavenger Hunt through Florence!

Ciao everyone!
So, here is a quick update on days 3 and 4 in Florence, Italy: On Sunday, we attended the church of Christ in Florence and got to meet the congregation there. The people are so warm and very welcoming. They were very excited to try and decipher what we were saying to them. Some members of the congregation were students from the Avanti Italia Bible School and they helped translate for us. After church, we went to the a Piazza that overlooks Florence. The sky was so clear and crisp and the view was breathtaking! God blessed us with a beautiful day of sunshine. Robbie took us to the church in Florence and there we sang praise songs in the crypt where the man who the church is dedicated to was buried. The sound was beautiful. The acoustics are phenomenal! After the church, Kyle took us around Florence and showed us all the wonderful scenic spots and shopping centers. Then, we came back to the villa for a concert by Jonathan, Robbie and Mona's youngest son, and his band. They played a lot of BEATLES songs. It was such a cool night to listen to the songs and the band perform and then get to visit with all the guests at the villa, Italian and American. On Monday, we officially started classes. Talk about not remembering the feeling to sit in a classroom. However, Ross, Kyle, Robbie, and Mona are all great professors and it is going to be a great semesters. I am taking Bible (PAUL), Italian, European Studies, Western Humanities, and Kinesology. Also, Kyle is teaching Yoga in the morning before class, so I go yoga in the morning as well. Another neat thing I am doing at HUF, I am on breakfast duty which means I set up/clean up breakfast and get paid for it! :) Extra money in the pocket! After classes and lunch, we headed out to Florence. There we were going on a scavenger hunt. However, the twist was we were meeting students from the university in Florence which are students from all over. My group consisted of a girl from France, Chloe, 4 Spaniards, Roberto, Berta, Martha, and Jon, and one Brazilian, Gabriel. The challenge was to go all around Florence and find pictures in a book. Well, obviously Spaniards run A LOT because for 3 and a half hours, I did a light jog without stopping unless to take a picture for the documentation. Lets just say, when I got to dinner, I was more than ready to sit down. The scavenger hunt was a great experience. A little more overwhelming that I anticipated, but it was really neat to communicate with people who only know little English and I only know little Spanish and a little Italian. Overall, besides the sore legs and sore calves, it was a GREAT day! God receives all the glory for these days in Italy; as He does every day! Tomorrow is a new day and until then, CIAO!

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